We started from the word “idea” that is the keyword in our business. It came from far away, the ancient Greece,
where it has a significant meaning. The concept of “idea”/”ideating” is closely related to a vision, a mental
representation which match with a real object or it can be related to a vision that anticipates external reality as
discoveries and inventions, or they could be pure imagination.
In all these cases, the “idea” is simply an expression of human ability to think, to be conscious or self-conscious
and it is where we start in order to listen to our customers, their needs and shape their needs with our work.
“Caring” is our second important word. Taking care of details and settle every little things as best as we can is
what it is most in line with the concept of “idea”. That is because without the final care, the idea would be lost or
not entirely valued as it deserved.
For this reason Ideating and Caring go hand in hand in our work philosophy and it is our huge strength.