“God’s first creature, which was the light” said Francis Bacon. Who could blame him?
Lights will bring life to what we see. A night would be more romantic when the moonlight enlights our beloved’s
Light creates emotions. For example dim light could be relaxing while flashing light generates anxiety.
Light gives volume to objects, for example in the sculpture it can eliminate its flatness. It is an active element to
manipulate volume of the surface and the perception of spaces.
Light control in architecture is used as an essential element for the balance of the work itself especially for the
sensations generated from colors that are part of it.
Painters, photographers, sculptors, filmmakers, they all use the light with great sensitivity.
Light is substance/matter and it has to be treated kindly and respectfully.
We are all made of emotions and the emotion passed through our eyes as a reflection….
For this reason, lightning choices can affect the dynamic of an event but we are going to talk about it later.
We might conclude reporting one of the biggest Russian writer’s words: “All the variety, all the charm, all the
beauty of life is made up of light and shadow” (Lev Tolstoj)
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